Repairing your credit report

A good credit score is important. However, attaining and maintaining a good credit report can be quiet a hassle for some people. This is very understandable as most people struggle so much with debt, unstable income and various unplanned financial [ . . . ]

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Managing your credit score

A credit report is a mathematical representation of your credit status. It is calculated based on your financial history and acts as a report card to your financial activities. Your credit report, which contains your credit score might be used to d [ . . . ]

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Credit Report Composition

A credit report is divided in to four sections.·         Public recordsThis part of the report details your personal information like your social security number as well as your residence. It also includes p [ . . . ]

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Credit Report

A credit report is an equivalence of a report card on the management of your finances. It is a collection of detailed information on how you pay your bills, the amount of debt you have accumulated and how frequently you settle them as well as your [ . . . ]

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